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What Are Warm, Fuzzy, Love Dots?

January 27, 2010

Celia of GlitzGlitter's Etsy Treasury featuring Fruits of the Bloom

We broke out in warm, fuzzy love dots from all the love we’re being shown right now by our friends featuring us in Etsy Treasuries!  What’s the disease?  We don’t know, but we’re not looking for a cure!

Celia, jewelry artisan of GlitzGlitter on Etsy featured Fruits of the Bloom’s Elegant Champagne Woodland Bridal Head Piece in her “Warm Fuzzies” Treasury (pictured above).  Celia is a wire wrapping, glittering gem of an artistic gal!  Take a look at her Sweet Pink Czech Glass Necklace in the image below, it is but one of the elegant creations from GlitzGlitter’s Etsy Shop.  Celia plus jewelry equals a drool-inducing-event, so be sure to put on your bib while you click on the image below for additional pictures and information!

Sweet Pink Czech Glass Necklace by GlitzGlitter

What would we do without our turtle-lovin’ potter friend, Jo Ann Stevens?  Don’t ask us questions like that, we don’t even WANT to know!  We’re just DOTTY for her “Dot…Dot…Dot” Treasury depicting Fruits of the Bloom’s Cat Lover’s Bow!

Jo Ann Stevens of pottery123's Etsy Treasury featuring Fruits of the Bloom

Jo Ann is a a talented potter, porcelain-maker, bird house baker, jewelry creator; you just never know what this fabulous artist will create next!  Whatever it is, it’s sure to make you wild with desire!  Drop on by pottery123’s Etsy shop to view Jo Ann’s talents!  We’re hotter than a 6-legged turtle in heat for this one-of-a-kind Porcelain and Silver Wire Wrapped Necklace!  Click on this stunning, tropical-vacation-inspiring necklace pictured below for all the dirt!

Porcelain and Silver Wire Wrapped Necklace by Jo Ann Stevens of pottery123

You know how love strikes you when you least expect it…like a Grand piano falling from the sky? Us either, but we were awestruck when we accidentally found out about Miss Vanessa’s “The Color of My Love” Treasury featuring Fruits of the Bloom’s Turquoise Cuppy Cake Bow!

Vanessa of BailyBelle Creations Etsy Treasury featuring Fruits of the Bloom

Miss Vanessa of BailyBelle Creations on Etsy is a fun, funky and whimsical jewelry artist; and we’re proud to call her our friend!  What’s even more fantastic than a fun and funky artsy friend?  One who is having a sale in her store, of course!  BailyBelleCreations are BUY ONE, get one 50% off until February 10th!  BailyBelle Creations is full of young, happy jewelry like her “I Love the Ocean” Bracelet pictured below.  Put your hair up in pigtails, take a ride on the merry-go-round, and definitely click on Miss Vanessa’s Ocean Bracelet below so that you can swing out on the playground in style!

"I Love the Ocean" by Vanessa of BailyBelle Creations

Is it love that I’m feeling or is it a side-effect of this warm, fuzzy, love dots condition?  Our heads were spinning when we found out about Anna’s “They Love My Shop” Treasury showcasing Fruits of the Bloom’s Modern @ Graphic Nerd Bow!

Anna of annawoz's Etsy Treasury featuring Fruits of the Bloom

Anna’s philosophy is “turning something old into something new,” and we just adore all of her vintage upcycles in annawoz’s Etsy shop!  Anna is a skillful fiber artist:  her talents encompass distinctive art quilts, clothing of all kinds and for all ages, even handbags; color us impressed!  One of my personal favorite pieces of Anna’s is her “Minimalist Style Dress,” this piece is so detailed that the belt even has a wooden buckle-type accent!  Anna is a new friend of ours from Warsaw, Poland; we’re so excited to connect with artistic people all over the world! Take a trip to another country by visiting annawoz on Etsy, consider the Minimalist Style Dress pictured below your portal to another point of view!

Minimalist Style Dress by Anna of annawoz

Tonight we’re sending out our love and deepest gratitude around the world to our dear friends who included us in their dazzling and touching treasuries!  Our warmest thanks to each of you!

All We Need is Love Dots,

Loren & Caitlin


Something Borrowed and Something Blue

January 22, 2010

Roni (Veronica) of Demure Artistic Design's Etsy Treasury featuring Fruits of the Bloom

Back from the bowels of technical purgatory to the kindest gestures by our friends!  While there’s still time, please visit Roni’s (Veronica) first Etsy Treasury“Chatter Birds” honors Roni’s fellow Tweeters!  Happily, Roni featurd Fruits of the Bloom’s Blue Peony in her Etsy Treasury!  Thank you from the bottom of our warm and loving hearts, Roni!

Roni is the artist behind two Etsy shops which display her talents as a jewelry artisan and fiber artist!  Demure Artistic Designs is Roni’s main shop carrying a variety of her creations, such as the beautiful Queen of Hearts Necklace pictured below.  Please click on the image for more pictures and information on this stunning necklace.

Queen of Hearts Necklace by Demure Artistic Designs

I first fell in love with Roni’s work when I spotted her romantic message in a bottle necklaces!  These treasures have become so popular that Roni placed them in their very own store, Mystic Messages.  These necklaces are easily personalized with messages Roni provides, or you can write your very own message–what a memorable gift!  I don’t know any women who wouldn’t cherish this gesture for the rest of their lives!  One of my favorites is the “Key to My Heart – Message in a Bottle.” Please click on the image below for more information on these charming necklaces!

Key to My Heart - Message in a Bottle by Mystic Messages

We so enjoy Roni’s company, and we are sure you will too!  For more information on Roni and her latest creations, please follow her blog and tweets:

Demure Artistic Designs Blog

demure4you on Twitter

Jennifer Dickerson of Jennifer Dickerson Photography's Etsy Treasury featuring Fruits of the Bloom

Any Southerner recognizes the dire need for Ice Water, Jennifer Dickerson’s Treasury satisfied that need well!  Sadly, our technical difficulties prevented us from reporting this treasury while it was still available for views and comments.  Don’t fret, Dear Bloomin’ Readers, we still have more than enough to quench your thirst in Jennifer Dickerson’s Etsy StoreJennifer Dickerson Photography (doing business as chefjen137)!  As you Bloomin’ Readers will attest, we have been fans of Jennifer’s artistic photographs for as long as we have known her!  Feel free to click on the treasury she created to visit Jennifer Dickerson Photography.

Vintage Thread Series by Jennifer Dickerson

You simply must follow Jennifer’s Etsy Store to be wowed by her ever-expanding creative ventures.  There’s something so homey about the Vintage Thread series!  Click on the image to purchase this print.

"You Make My Wishes Come True" by Jennifer Dickerson

Love is blowing in the breeze like this dreamy dandelion with the “You Make My Wishes Come True” art card by Jennifer Dickerson.  Click on the image above to view and purchase this for your romantic hero or heroine!

Thanks, Jennifer, for your nod to Fruits of the Bloom’s Custom Victorian Romance Monogram Bow!  We joyfully follow Jennifer’s tweets, you should too:  chefjen137 on Twitter!

We are so grateful to have such wonderful friends who make blue skies scream with sunshine even during technical problems!  Thank you both for honoring Fruits of the Bloom in your treasuries!  As our thanks to all of you, Our Bloomin’ Readers, as of today we have a clearance sale section in Fruits of the Bloom’s Etsy Store!  Please click CLEARANCE Sale at Fruits of the Bloom to enjoy the latest discounts!

Sweetened and Stirred,

Loren & Caitlin

How Can You Look Ravishing in RED?

January 18, 2010

Libby Hampel of ljlh*designs Etsy Treasury featuring Fruits of the Bloom

Libby Hampel of ljlhdesigns and ljlhpaper on Etsy takes the guesswork out of how to get that adrenaline pumping rush of ravishing red into your home and wardrobe with her Ravish Me With Red TreasuryLibby Hampel knows how to bring a smile to your face and the blush of passion to your cheeks with her amazing works of art which include handmade paper brooches and paper bead jewelry, beaded beauties to bedeck your bod, and heavenly handmade paper boxes.

Brown and Gold Paper with Swarovski Crystal Brooch by ljlhdesigns

We love Libby’s unique designs, she only makes one-of-a-kind items so you will definitely stand out from the crowd in each handmade wearable art piece!  Find her jewelry in ljlhdesigns on Etsy.

Flocked Flowers Handmade Box by ljlhpaper

Now that you own a ljlhdesigns original how do you properly preserve it?  By purchasing one of Libby Hampel’s handmade boxes, of course!  Look for her latest creations in ljlhpaper on Etsy.

Want to track all of Libby’s latest innovations? Follow ljlhdesigns on Twitter!

Thank you so much, Libby, for including Fruits of the Bloom’s Red Floral Headband in your Ravish Me With Red Treasury!  Please click on the image of the treasury to view and comment.  Click on either of Libby’s handmade creations to see more photos and learn more about Libby’s creative process.

Little Girl's Pink Butterfly Bracelet by Fruits of the Bloom

While you’re visiting Etsy, drop by Fruits of the Bloom and see Caitlin’s latest little girl’s pink butterfly stretch bracelet!  This will make your favorite girl’s heart soar!  Click on the above image for more photos and information.

Hearts Racing,

Loren & Caitlin

The Power of Oatmeal and Twitter

January 17, 2010

Mary of Hoganfe Handmade Handbag Originals Treasury featuring Fruits of the Bloom

What’s better than apple cinnamon oatmeal on a cold winter morning?  Mary’s oatmeal hued Etsy Treasury featuring Fruits of the Bloom’s petite champagne bow!  While Mary’s Etsy Treasury has expired, her shop garden is blooming with the most gorgeous array of unique handbags, diaper bags, and wristlets!

Oriental Traditions Handbag by Hoganfe

Mary’s designs and talent as a textile artist awe us, and we’re sure you’ll agree.  Hoganfe creations have been sold online since 2004 so you can rest assured you’ll be getting a quality, enduring piece of handmade art.  Click on the treasury image to be redirected to Hoganfe Handmade Handbag Originals Etsy Store.   Mary is happy to take custom orders, offers a convenient layaway plan for her ready made line, and best of all:  Hoganfe Handmade Handbag Originals has Free Worldwide Shipping now!

Bees Coco Grape Bag by Hoganfe

Bees Coco Grape Bag by Hoganfe

I met Mary on Twitter and now she’s my dear friend.  Thank you so much, Mary, for featuring Fruits of the Bloom in your Etsy Treasury!  Click on the images of Mary’s handbags to see more pictures and information!

Follow MaryHoganfe on Twitter and enjoy her company!  For all the latest Hoganfe products and information subscribe to Mary’s blog

With Gratitude,

Loren & Caitlin

What does U2’s Bono and Bows and Bracelets Have in Common?

January 11, 2010

J. H.'s Beautiful Baby in a Bow by Fruits of the Bloom! Cuddly cuteness to the max capacity!

Our weekend was filled with “The Sweetest Thing(s)!” We were so moved by J. H.’s customer appreciation photo of her adorable baby wearing one of Fruits of the Bloom’s bows!  Baby’s “black eyes…burn so brightly…ain’t love the sweetest thing?”

Think Spring Pink Floral Dangle Earrings by SqueakyBug Specialties

“Oh, oh, oh the sweetest thing…”  One of our new and talented Etsy friends, Melanie, jewelry artist and owner of SqueakyBug Specialties mentioned us in her blog post, “Glass full or empty?” Melanie helps us to see that no matter how small, we can all make a difference in someone’s life.  Support Melanie’s dreams, visit SqueakyBug’s Etsy Store and enjoy her wonderful array of earrings, each displaying Melanie’s artistic talents as both a jewelry designer and a photographer!  For a behind-the-scenes look at why she named her shop SqueakyBug, please visit her blog: SqueakyBug Blog.  Want to hear good news for a change?  Follow Melanie on Twitter for “the sweetest” tweets!

Joy's Girly Girls of Girly Girl Giveaways Blog!

“Baby’s got blue skies up ahead…”  Nothing brightened our weekend more than Joy, a fellow jewelry designer known as Creations by Chara on Etsy, writing a completely unsolicited, unexpected, and overwhelmingly awesome review of Fruits of the Bloom’s infant and little girl bracelets on her Girly Girl Giveaways Blog!

Girly Girl Giveaways Review of Fruits of the Bloom's Baby and Little Girl Bracelets

Creations by Chara is closed for new business presently due to Joy’s recent birth of her third Girly Girl!  Joy found out about us from Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls Blog and bought all of the bracelets she reviewed from Fruits of the Bloom’s Etsy Store.  You can imagine our surprize–not only seeing Joy’s bevy of beauties in the bounty of bracelets, but also reading her glorious review!   Consider us well more than doubly blessed, and in a “blind kind of love” with all of the sweethearts we received pictures of and their kind and generous moms!

Please read Joy’s touching review on Girly Girl Giveways and become a follower of her beautiful blog!  She’s quite the talented writer!  Thank you, Joy, for the fortuitous honor of your review!

Thanks to Bono, J. H., Melanie, and Joy we’re still singing, “Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing!”

Wishing You the Sweetest Kind of Love,

Loren & Caitlin

Final Hours to Enter Our Giveaway PLUS Purple Rain!

January 10, 2010

Purple Pow Wow Bow by Fruits of the Bloom

As you peruse our precious purple floral burst bow in Fruits of the Bloom’s Etsy Store, please take note:  Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls Blog GIVEAWAY ends 9 p.m. EST Today!  You still have time to enter!

Enter for FREE Spring Fashion Accessories HEREGiveaway

Comment on the review to enter, multiple entries are possible by tweeting the giveaway!  We’re hoping to hear one of you, Our Bloomin’ Friends and Fans, wins this prize!

We have some great news coming up later today in a post, hint:  “The Sweetest Thing.”  Oooooh, oh…we’ll see you back here later!

In a Flurry of Excitement,

Loren & Caitlin

P. S.  Don’t forget to click on the Purple Pow Wow for more pictures and information–it’s perfect for YOUR favorite girl!

Don’t It Make My Blue Eyes Bluer?

December 31, 2009

Aldona's Baby Blue Etsy Treasury featuring Fruits of the Bloom!

The color that conveys dependable like sunny blue skies, ocean waves, and your Grandpa’s blue eyes is the star of Aldona’s Baby Blue Etsy Treasury.  How thrilled Fruits of the Bloom is to see our Blue Bloomin’ Peony in such a prominent spot, thank you so much Aldona!

Aldona is the artist and owner of 2 Etsy shops.  Her items range from natural, no preservative skin creams to knitted wearables, felted floral accessories, woolen felted baby booties, even handmade wedding dresses!  Feel free to click on the above image to see her Baby Blue Etsy Treasury, and while you’re on Etsy take a detour by Aldona’s Stores:

aldy – natural skin creams

aldonasuneviciene’s – knitted, felted, vintage, wedding dresses


As we say goodbye to 2009 today, I invite you to Fruits of the Bloom to take 20% off your order and take advantage of FREE USA Shipping!  Offer expires as 2010 rings in CST!  Please feel free to convo me in our store and I’ll make a listing to take all your discounts before you pay!  If you purchase via PayPal, I’ll be happy to refund your money if you type in “Blog Reader” in message to seller at checkout in Fruits of the Bloom’s Etsy Store.

We also would like to encourage you to enter our GIVEAWAY hosted by Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls Blog!  Please visit our earlier post on Karen’s Review and Giveaway of Fruits of the Bloom’s product and click on any image in the post to be redirected to her blog to enter for the big win!

2010 for the Win,

Loren & Caitlin