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About Us

Creating art, refurbishing items, making objects of desire instead of buying them is a family tradition handed down from my grandparents all the way to my daughter, Caitlin. Art has always been my passion–I was born holding a pencil and a sketchbook; the desire to create has encompassed sketching, painting, sculpting, making fashion accessories, home improvement projects, and even cake decorating.

I began making hair accessories when my daughter was born. The recent birth of my niece and making her hair accessories inspired me to share our love of hair accessories with all of you.   Caitlin and I hope you will enjoy Fruits of the Bloom’s development from fashion accessories to decorative accessories for your home.

Caitlin is now old enough to exercise her own creative skills– including making jewelry, and cross-stitching.  She assists me in all I do, and she’s also the photographer for Fruits of the Bloom!  Caitlin makes the lives of everyone she touches more beautiful, and I would be lost without her.

We hope to share our unique perspective with you, and continue learning and growing artistically along the way.  Expect some fun and laughter, ideas and tips, and a huge blooper reel!  Please join us on our journey as we use our creativity to inspire you, add something special to your wardrobe, and make your home more welcoming and unique.

Let’s Make Our Lives More Beautiful By Hand,

Loren and Caitlin McCraney


store: Fruits of the Bloom

phone: (334) 875-1060

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  1. December 31, 2009 7:56 am

    I couldn’t find the ode to glue guns, but I found the blog!….That’s progress! LOL Have a good day my friend!

    • December 31, 2009 12:18 pm

      Hey Sweet Debbie,

      That’s entirely my bad, I should’ve tweeted the url for “Ode to My Glue Gun” instead of leaving you a teaser like that:

      Hope you enjoy! Thanks for dropping by to comment!



  1. Inspiration and Creative Results « Fruits of the Bloom

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