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Our Biggest Giveaway Yet by The Funky Monkey

February 4, 2010

Fruits of the Bloom Giveaway and Review by The Funky Monkey

Fruits of the Bloom wishes to extend an invitation to each of our Bloomin’ Fans to enter our biggest giveaway ever!  Susannah of The Funky Monkey Blog was impressed with Fruits of the Bloom’s Etsy Store and requested some items to critique our product quality. Please read Susannah’s review of our products,  and take special note of  each way you can gain additional entries into this contest to increase your likelihood of winning one of two prizes!

1st Prize is your choice of one bow from our “Bows” section or one headband set (all headband selections come with a bow or bloom) which are found in the “Blooms and Headbands” section of Fruits of the Bloom.   2nd Prize is one little girl’s bracelet!  We want to sweeten the deal for the rest of you:  Everyone wins with our 20% off Fruits of the Bloom Etsy Store Sale!

Please click on the above image for details on entering The Funky Monkey Giveaway, and Fruits of the Bloom’s Sale!  We are rooting for one of you, our loyal Bloomin’ Fans, to bask in the glory of winning!

Thank you, Susannah, for your raving review of Fruits of the Bloom and for hosting our Giveaway!

Revved Up for the Races,

Loren & Caitlin


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