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Dirty Duds Done Dirt Cheap

November 22, 2009

Steal of a Deal (See that Glow from Special Discount Savings!) on Samsung Front Loader Dirty Duds Cleaners!


See that glow on my brand-spankin’-new Samsung Front Loaders?  It comes from getting a steal of a deal!  Lowe’s misprint on their weekly sales circular offering these beauties for $898 netted me some timely booty!  My washer has been on its last legs for a few months now, sometimes requiring a hand crank of the tub as if it were an old Model T Ford.  Color me living in the dark ages–might as well have taken my dirty duds down to the “crick” and beaten them on a rock!  Last week my dryer went kaput, making living in dirty duds (or at least sopping wet duds) a grim reality.

The heavens parted, sunbeams cascaded waterfalls of light through inky dark clouds, and down fluttered a Lowe’s sales circular.  AAAhhhhhh-men!  Just in the nick of time, we were saved from dirty, drenched duds!

The Delivery Dude from Lowe’s deposited my glowing bounty of cleanliness in my very own laundry room yesterday!  (Laundry room circa 1999 was not the proper size for these Samsung sensations–the door wouldn’t even close!)  Delivery Dude informed me that Lowe’s made a mistake on their sales circular and had to honor the lower-than-they-hoped-for price!  Not only did I get them for a veritable song ($898 for the set), nooooo…I got them for less!  Yessss!  (Trust me, you’d know how shocking this all is if you were me instead of you!)  We received an extra 10% off by applying for a Lowe’s card at the time of purchase–so the darling duo cost me $871!!!

As we speak my Samsung washer is cleaning my dirty knickers…and lulling me with the sounds of a light summer rain.  Droplets of water, barely audible, saving me money…singing me to sleep.  I’m thinking of putting my bed in the laundry room just so I can enjoy the sounds of the rainforest all night long!

Samsung Sensational Washer/Dryer Set!


But reality sinks in:  these state-of-the-art cleaning stars have more buttons than a space shuttle!  Any astronauts wanna read the manuals and clean my duds?  Apply here for your teaching position!  Once I’ve graduated from your Samsung Washer/Dryer Training Course I’ll do your dirty duds for cheap!

Lowe’s–I Love YOU!,




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  1. November 22, 2009 9:40 pm

    Color me jealous. As I waited with baited breath yesterday, while you left titillating hints about the arrival of your new twins, you never once revealed the secret. “A sale,” she says now, after it’s over and me as jealous as the bright green pair I have been drooling over. I would have enjoyed a sale. I certainly hope you enjoy your new babies, but next time, let us in on the prize before it’s too late…. LOL

    • November 22, 2009 9:49 pm

      Sale ends on the 23rd! You gotta get in there quickly! I really tweeted the price and the sale, but next time I’ll tweet it faster! Promise. ;o)


  2. jimmy permalink
    July 12, 2010 6:53 pm

    what models are those

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