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How to Make My Day!

November 20, 2009

I ship packages like Adrian Monk!

There are certain things you don’t know about Loren McCraney:  1.  Monk used to be one of my favorite television shows.  2.  I have a few Monk-like tendencies!  For instance, the way I pack Fruits of the Bloom’s Etsy Store product for shipment required a CIA task force just to figure out how to break into the parcel!  I stuff every loop of a bow with packing material to maintain fluff factor, then the entire order is prepped to float through a chemical spill by being encased in plastic bags.

What’s worse, I have gone through all of this Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder packing to realize I hadn’t fully checked the product to make sure it was absolutely pristine.  *gasps*  Normal people would say, meh…it’s fine, you saw it–remember? That’s when my OCD perfectionism kicks it up a notch…and I unpack the entire bundle to inspect the product, again!  Yes.  I.  Have.

Before today I assumed that only the CIA and I noticed these laborious extra steps I meticulously carry out.  Not so!  I logged into Fruits of the Bloom’s Etsy Store and had the following conversation awaiting me:


Thanks so much for the package and care! The bow, hat, and flower are perfect for my little girl [name removed for privacy protection]! Thanks so much, I’m sure we will be shopping at your store again!



Thoughtful “thoughtwell” made my day!  Not only did she leave me this considerate conversation, but she also took the time to write exceptionally kind feedback for Fruits of the Bloom!  Such polite generosity acknowledging a job well done is so unusual today, truly heartwarming!

So for all of you sellers who think going the extra mile isn’t noticed–it is!  And for all of us buyers–take the time to make someone’s day happier and brighter; let seller’s know you appreciate quality, handmade products!

CIA Impregnable Packaging System Developed by Fruits of the Bloom!

Other ways our week was made more joyful:

1.  Review and Giveaway of Fruits of the Bloom’s product by Cheryl of Couture NerdClick HERE for more information!

2.  Heather Kent granting us an interview about her art!  Click HERE for her interview!

(These are in chronological order…not order of happiness! *winks*)

We will reveal a third way we were blessed in a post this weekend.  Be sure to visit us then!  Why don’t you, Our Bloomin’ Readers, share how someone made your day this week?  We’d love to hear your story of happiness!


Loren & Caitlin

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  1. David S. Terry permalink
    November 21, 2009 3:39 am

    I was able to steal the first parking place at Target. And I might win a hair accessory.

    • November 21, 2009 3:42 am

      Tut..tut…David, sorry, stolen happiness doesn’t count! ;o) Winning a hair accessory would though!


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