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Ampersand Accessory–Only from Fruits of the Bloom!

October 22, 2009
Ampersand Geeky, Nerdy Accessory

Ampersand Geeky, Nerdy Accessory

She’s your heart ampersand…er…& your soul–she’s your favorite techno-geek!  Fruits of the Bloom is bringing you uber nerds more must-have modern accessories, picked by Caitlin with you in mind!

We apologize for the slow listings this week; we have a heap o’ creativeness  in the works for you at Fruits of the Bloom’s Etsy Store!  A lot of what we’re working on will be influenced by your votes in our Poll Partay, so don’t forget to stop by our Poll and make your thoughts known!!  We’ll be wrapping up your ideas into a tidy package of a post either Friday or Saturday, (depending on how many votes we have received) and giving you, Dear Bloomin’ Readers, the scoop on what will be coming to Fruits of the Bloom’s Etsy Store!

Meanwhile, don’t forget our sweet deal on shipping!  $50 purchase ships free (USA), $90 purchase gets you free international shipping!  This sweet shipping sale only lasts through Saturday, October 24th!


Loren, Caitlin & Crazy Aunt Bloom

P. S.  Don’t forget to vote while you’re here!

(Double Click image to view listing and purchase!)

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