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Tell Us What You’re Thinking: Poll Partay!

October 21, 2009

Jump into the Poll, the votin’ is fine, Dear Readers! Check as many answers as you like, then press “VOTE!”  Need to say something we haven’t covered in our poll party?  Put in your special request under “other,” and we will see what YOU want!  Or feel free to put anything specific in our comment section– just click the little box next to “Leave a Comment” at the top of every post we make (directly underneath our post title)!  ;o)  If you prefer something more private:  e-mail us at, or convo us in Fruits of the Bloom’s Etsy Store, or how about a ringy-ding, beep?  Thanks for bringin’ your best trunks and bloomin’ bikinis and jumpin’ into the deep end of the poll!

*We apologize, our Poll Party crashed the server…so we’re having a new one (which looks a bloomin’ lot like the old one!)  Don’t worry, your votes weren’t lost,  jump on in again!


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