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Modern Girl Must-Have Accessories!

October 19, 2009
Where the Modern Gal's @!

Where the Modern Gal's @!

We at Fruits of the Bloom are bringing you modern, super cool, graphic accessories for your oh-so-stylish and smart gal!  This is where it’s @!  Crazy Aunt Bloom tied me up with my glue gun cord, stuffed a bloom in my mouth, and left me under my craft desk!  While I was indisposed, Caitlin picked out some pretty ribbon combinations just for your modern girl!  Is she a smart and pretty geek?  Loves her cell phone, texting, and can’t stay off her e-mail?  This will definitely scream her name!

View of @ and the Modern Multi-Colored Magnificence!

View of @ and the Modern Multi-Colored Magnificence!

More modern marvels to follow!  Don’t forget to check Fruits of the Bloom Etsy Store tonight for this modern graphic “@” marvel, and all the Designer Blooms that went unlisted during my stint as Houdini!  Need yours tied up in a bow and shipped off to your special sweetie?  We do that too…Fruits of the Bloom, your miracle-workers!  (Well, we’re close!)


Loren, Caitlin, and the Chained Crazy Aunt Bloom


(Double Click images to view and purchase!)

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