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Dutch Blossom Dresses

September 20, 2009

While I try to get my craft room set up today with my two new, six feet long,  inexpensive Sam’s Club Rubbermaid tables (which I’m so grateful to have!) have a look at this post on dresses made from flowers on lemondrop and click on the photograph there to be redirected to more blossom dresses.

Dutch Blossom Dresses on lemondrop

Dutch Blossom Dresses on lemondrop

These are gorgeous, sure, but there’s a quality about them that reminds me of those crocheted doll toilet tissue covers (you had to be over 80 years old to own one, and this was yeeeeeeeears ago!) that were required toilet tank toppers for the oldies in the fifties or sixties?  Anyway, these dresses are REAL blossoms from Holland–so they are surely beautiful upon closer inspection, but these impractical fashions weigh enough to be the sole cause of a cardiac event.  We can only hope that the african bee scouts don’t catch a whiff !

*Photo courtesy of lemondrop.

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