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Dirty Pig Art

September 19, 2009

Today it’s time to take the plunge *gulps*…and share with you some ancient and never-before-displayed-to-the-public art of mine.  Yes, a genuine Loren McCraney sketch (although I was not a McCraney at this particular time) from my very own childhood.  I recently found this again and my biggest fan, my kid– Caitlin, wants me to frame it for her room.  ;o)  It’s great to have your own built- in cheerleader.

My little photog is MIA so I took some quick and dirty pig photos.  Hope you enjoy, if not you’re a filthy pig.  *giggles uproariously*

Sum'thin Smells.  Loren McCraney Sketch

Sum'thin Smells. Loren McCraney Sketch

Slight Color Adjust on my Adobe free PS...not great, but gives you an idea of the original essence.

Slight Color Adjust on my Adobe free PS...not great, but the contrast might help you see somethin'. Ugh

Bathe You Piggies!  Loren McCraney Sketch

Bathe, You Piggies! Loren McCraney Sketch

I’m off to wrap things up in bows and keep these fingers of mine busy for Fruits of the Bloom!  I have so many ideas for unique bows, and upcoming shop items.  I’ve been a little out of commission this week due to Crazy Aunt Bloom tying a few too many on (around the house) and rounding a doorway at an illegal speed–thereby knocking me, and a candle, and its iron pillar off our feet.  The iron pillar gracefully flew up in the air and landed squarely on top of my toe, both lacerating and breakin’ it, the toe that is…the iron pillar escaped without injury.  No worries, Crazy Aunt Bloom will be punished thoroughly in my sweatshop, Fruits of the Bloom, and I am mending nicely. ;o)

So today while I’m crackin’ the whip on Crazy (and now sober) Aunt Bloom, tell me what you think of Dirty Pigs, pigs in blankies, art, or what you did for kicks ‘n’ giggles as a kid.  Crazy Aunt Bloom says, “Y’all have a good weekend now!”

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  1. Karen Torres permalink
    September 19, 2009 2:00 pm

    So sorry about the broken toe from Crazy Aunt Bloom’s happy hour!

    The pig art is hilarious! Tail curl kit…so that’s how they do it! Very cute!

    I spent my childhood on much less productive pursuits…like riding my bike.

  2. September 19, 2009 2:06 pm

    Hey Karen, I could easily write volumes about my childhood as a paperweight! My top two enjoyable activities: drawing, and reading. I also liked reading about drawing, and painting…but you get the picture. Needless to say, I never won any sports trophies!

    Thanks for commiserating with my miserable toe. Crazy Aunt Bloom looks a little droopier today from all the work, but she’s waving weakly in your general direction.

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