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Chocolate Candy Kisses

February 16, 2010

Christine Jones Photography's Etsy Treasury featuring Fruits of the Bloom

What a winning week we’ve had!  Christine Jones of Christine Jones Photography on Etsy picked Fruits of the Bloom’s Peony for her preeminent “Chocolate covered Turquoise” Treasury!  And Fruits of the Bloom won a month of free advertising on Rose’s blog, Waterrose!  This marks Fruits of the Bloom’s first ever ad!  (See if you can spot our ad!)  We want to express our deepest gratitude to two generous artists, Christine and Rose!

"On a Winter's Day" by Christine Jones

Christine is an art photographer who can make a tractor look sexy!  Please feel free to roam Christine Jones Photography Shop on Etsy!  Christine’s shop showcases her fine art photography prints, photo notecards, glass pendant photo necklaces, and bookmarks. Christine Jones has a Facebook Fan Page, Christine Jones Photography on Facebook, be sure to join to keep up with her latest artistic adventures and follow her on Twitter, @CJonesPhotog!

"Sunflower" by Christine Jones

While Christine is charming butterflies into the perfect pose, Rose, of Waterrose Handcrafted Obsessions on Etsy is spinning straw into gold!  Rose is an extraordinary textile artist–all fiber is under her submission!  I particularly enjoy Waterrose hand embroidered cuffs which are Rose’s original designs or famous works of art reinterpreted in stitches!

Hand Stitched Embroidery Starry Night Hand Embroidery Cuff - Limited Edition

Great news for all of you, Bloomin’ Readers, you have the opportunity to win a Waterrose Queen Anne’s Lace Cuff as part of a giveaway associated with Waterrose’s Blog Anniversary!!!  Please click the image below to see the details on Waterrose’s Blog for entering to win the Queen Anne’s Lace cuff.

Waterrose Blog Anniversary Giveaway!

Waterrose’s Facebook Fan page:  Waterrose Handcrafted Obsessions.  Follow Waterrose on Twitter, @Waterrose!  We of Fruits of the Bloom are huge fans and followers of both these amazingly talented ladies!

Chocolate Candy Kisses to YOU,

Loren & Caitlin


You’ve Got to Have Friends!

February 13, 2010

J. H.'s Beaming Baby in her Custom Bow by Fruits of the Bloom!

I would bet money you’re smiling right now!  Who can resist letting a huge grin envelop their face while gazing at J. H.’s  beaming baby girl?  We of Fruits of the Bloom are mesmerized by her charms!  We are ever grateful to J. H. (baby mama) for sending us her customer appreciation pictures after whipping up a custom bow for this precious girl!

Another reason we’re smiling is all of our friends on Twitter!  Cheryl of Cheryl’s Purple Cow on Etsy, is currently featuring Fruits of the Bloom’s Bloomin’ Fascinator Flower Headband along with handsome handmade items plucked from Twitter Chix shops!  The “Twitter Chix” Etsy Treasury is inspired by a group of gabbers who have a gay old time on Twitter, and we’re proud members of the gang!  Please click on the image below to visit Cheryl’sTwitter Chix” Treasury!

Cheryl of Cheryl's Purple Cow's Etsy Treasury featuring the Twitter Chix and Fruits of the Bloom

Cheryl founded the Twitter Chix; we love her because of her kind, generous spirit, and because she’s an inspiration in her activism for Epilepsy Awareness.  Cheryl is a talented jewelry artist who makes pieces from the heart and donates proceeds to Family Ties of Nevada, a non-profit organization providing assistance to people with disabilities such as epilepsy.  Please visit Cheryl’s Purple Cow on Etsy to support a great talent and cause! Pictured below is an epilepsy awareness bracelet that is one of my favorites of Cheryl’s, please click the image to be redirected to more information on this lovely piece!

Epilepsy Awareness Bracelet by Cheryl of Cheryl's Purple Cow

Thanks so much, Cheryl, for all the wonderful work you do on behalf of others and for including us in your “Twitter Chix” treasury!  We’ve got to have all of our friends to make our lives complete!

Happy With Friends,

Loren & Caitlin

10-Year-Old Girl’s Dreams

February 6, 2010

Jo Ann Stevens of Down To Earth Pottery's Etsy Treasury featuring Fruits of the Bloom

Remember when you were ten years old?  What were your dreams?  Maybe you wanted to grow up to be just like your mom or dad, or maybe one of your grandparents?

Thanks to Jo Ann Stevens of Down To Earth Pottery on Etsy, we have come to know an entire family of creative types!  Jo Ann listed Fruits of the Bloom’s Cat Lover’s Bow in her “Grateful Green” Treasury; she is a talented ceramic artist, potter, mud thrower, glaze genius, jewelry-maker, wire wrapper, and more! Jo Ann’s daughter, Kristine, is the creator behind maddiebee123, a shop full of whimsical,  imaginative, and stylish hand sewn children’s clothes.  But the talent does not stop here…

Madison, 10-year-old glass artist and daughter of Kristine, granddaughter of Jo Ann, has opened her very own Etsy shop, Leaping Lizard!  (The talent is obviously in the genes, folks!) Madison displays her fused glass art magnets in Leaping Lizard and has a goal of achieving 11 sales by February 11th when she turns 11!  Madison’s work is as affordable as it is beautiful, please click on the image below to visit Leaping Lizard.

Can you imagine the opportunity of buying Picasso’s art when he was a 10-year-old?  Be sure to start your collection of Madison’s work today and help a nearly-11-year-old’s dreams come true!

Madison's Fused Glass Magnet listed in Leaping Lizard

Dreams don’t stop when you’re 10!  Caitlin’s wishes are fulfilled when baby’s and little girl’s sport the artisan bracelets she’s spins!  Please click on the image below to take a closer look at her latest little girl bracelet in Fruits of the Bloom!

February's Flower Little Girl's Bracelet by Fruits of the Bloom

Fruits of the Bloom wants to make some little girl’s (or big girl’s!) dreams come true!  Please enter our giveaway on The Funky Monkey to win your choice of hair accessory or little girl bracelet!  Please click here to enter:  Fruits of the Bloom’s Giveaway on The Funky Monkey.

Never Letting Go Of Our Dreams,

Loren & Caitlin

P. S.  Here’s a dream come true: 20% off sale in Fruits of the Bloom!

Our Biggest Giveaway Yet by The Funky Monkey

February 4, 2010

Fruits of the Bloom Giveaway and Review by The Funky Monkey

Fruits of the Bloom wishes to extend an invitation to each of our Bloomin’ Fans to enter our biggest giveaway ever!  Susannah of The Funky Monkey Blog was impressed with Fruits of the Bloom’s Etsy Store and requested some items to critique our product quality. Please read Susannah’s review of our products,  and take special note of  each way you can gain additional entries into this contest to increase your likelihood of winning one of two prizes!

1st Prize is your choice of one bow from our “Bows” section or one headband set (all headband selections come with a bow or bloom) which are found in the “Blooms and Headbands” section of Fruits of the Bloom.   2nd Prize is one little girl’s bracelet!  We want to sweeten the deal for the rest of you:  Everyone wins with our 20% off Fruits of the Bloom Etsy Store Sale!

Please click on the above image for details on entering The Funky Monkey Giveaway, and Fruits of the Bloom’s Sale!  We are rooting for one of you, our loyal Bloomin’ Fans, to bask in the glory of winning!

Thank you, Susannah, for your raving review of Fruits of the Bloom and for hosting our Giveaway!

Revved Up for the Races,

Loren & Caitlin

Party Like You’re A Bachelorette!

February 3, 2010

Mary of Hoganfe Handmade Handbags Etsy Treasury featuring Fruits of the Bloom

Let’s get this party started with Mary of Hoganfe Handmade Handbags “mardi gras memoirs” Etsy Treasury!  Mary chose Fruits of the Bloom’s Gothic Princess Boutique Bow for her treasury!  Please click on the image above to see Mary’s Treasury and leave her a festive comment.  Thank you so much, Mary, for letting us party like it’s 1999 in your treasury!

Hoganfe Handmade Handbag Originals is one of our favorite Etsy shops featuring such lovely purse art you’ll never want any other satchel to stash your stuffies than Mary’s!  Get ready for your wedding party or any party at all by purchasing the eye candy treat pictured below to protect your favorite tech gadgets!  The “Amy Butler Padded Gadget Wristlet Bag” will transport your camera, ipod, blackberry or cell phone in style!  Please click on the image below to view this listing.

Amy Butler Padded Gadget Wristlet by Hoganfe Handmade Handbags

Bloomin’ Readers and Fans, do not miss out on our next stop on the party train:  Meredith of tilleyjewels bride is offering a very generous GIVEAWAY$100 gift certificate for product in her bridal shop!  Brenda’s Wedding Blog is hosting Meredith’s giveaway.  Please click on the image below from Brenda’s Wedding Blog post on tilleyjewels bride to enter for a bride-tastic win!  You don’t have to be a bride to enter, but if you are–there’s no doubting Meredith’s jewelry and accessories will make you look and feel like royalty on your special day!

tilleyjewels bride GIVEAWAY on Brenda's Wedding Blog (picture from Brenda's Wedding Blog Post)

With all this partying going on you need some sweet hair accessories to see you through the days and nights!  Please click on the images below of fresh items in Fruits of the Bloom’s store for the young and the young at heart!

AB Swarovski Crystal Hair Pins by Fruits of the Bloom

Spring Flower Purple and Green Baby Bracelet Set of 2 by Fruits of the Bloom

Vintage-esque Victorian Flower Hair Clippy or Brooch by Fruits of the Bloom

We Just Want to PARTY All the Time,

Loren & Caitlin

Giveaway So Yummy You’ll Wanna Lick Your Wall

January 30, 2010

Chocolate Butter Brickle Treasury by Jennifer Dickerson of chefjen137 Art Photography

Good news for Fruits of the Bloom and even better news for you, Our Bloomin’ Readers!  First of all, all about us:  Jennifer Dickerson of Jennifer Dickerson Photography d/b/a chefjen137 on Etsy picked Fruits of the Bloom’s Elegant Champagne Woodland Bridal Head Piece for her “Chocolate Butter Brickle” Treasury!  As yummy as this treasury is in theme, we have even tastier news for you!

Sterling Roses Design Blog is hosting a giveaway of 3 metallic prints of cupcakes by Jennifer Dickerson!  The artsy cupcake image below is but one of the prints you have the opportunity of winning! Please take this link to enter (there are multiple ways to achieve extra entries):  Jennifer Dickerson’s Giveaway hosted by Sterling Roses Design, or simply click on the cupcake image and you will be redirected to the blog contest.  This giveaway has us salivating, and we’re entering in as many ways as are allowed!

Cupcake Metallic Print by Jennifer Dickerson Photography

Back to Fruits of the Bloom, hell-O…you know how we love to talk about ourselves; we have more good news!  Our friend, Anna of annawoz on Etsy, chose our Petite Champagne Hair Bow for her “They Love My Shop” (part 5) Treasury!  It feels so good it’s like second helpings of dessert!

Anna of annawoz Lovable Etsy Treasury

Please learn more about Anna’s talents from our recent post, “What Are Warm, Fuzzy, Love Dots?” including Anna’s recent feature of Fruits of the Bloom.  Here’s a sneak peek of one of Anna’s artistic quilt creations, please click the image of her “Patchwork Black Hole” to view all the photographs of this complex work of love.

Anna of annawoz on Etsy "Patchwork Black Hole"

Learning about these amazing and talented artists is better than dessert, Bloomin’ Readers, because you now have a chance to either win or purchase unique and original art!  We offer our deepest, heartfelt thanks to Jennifer Dickerson and Anna for including us in their artful curations!

Tongues Stuck to Our Monitor,

Loren & Caitlin

Hearts for Haiti the Handmade Way

January 29, 2010

Caitlin's Pink Rose Boutique Bow donation to Hearts for Haiti by

When tragedy like the earthquake in Haiti strikes we often wonder, “How can I ease their pain? How can I help?”  Here’s one small way you can help those in crisis, and help yourself to some wonderful handmade items at the same time!  Sounds like a winner to us!

What is Hearts for Haiti, and what does it have to do with me? is an Etsy shop run by volunteers, stocked with donated items; where all the money raised by sales will be used to rebuild Haiti.  Proceeds of sales go to the charitable organization, Doctors Without Borders.

Literally hundreds of Etsy sellers have banded together and donated their products and shipping costs toward this timely cause.  You can help by purchasing any item in Hearts for Haiti; you’ll be amazed by the diversity of products–there is truly something for everyone with nearly 1,000 item listings (and growing all the time)!

The huge bonus for you–all of the Sellers are donating shipping costs which means (in most cases) there is FREE Worldwide Shipping!  (Please check the item listing as some Seller’s have geographic limitations on their free shipping!)

Royal Princess of Hearts Purple Boutique Bow donation to Hearts for Haiti by FruitsOFtheBLooM

If you’ve been wanting to either try or add to your collection of handmade items–now is the time to buy!  Feel great about contributing to an overwhelming need in Haiti while enjoying quality, timeless creations made with love.

The pictures in this post are of three boutique bows made by Fruits of the Bloom and donated to Hearts for Haiti.  Each image requires only a click to view more pictures and information on the particular bow in question.  The first bow pictured, Caitlin’s Pink Rose Boutique Bow, was named after my daughter, Caitlin.  This particular color pink reminds me of her blonde baby days when she wore bows much like this handmade by her mama!  These bows have been created specifically for Hearts for Haiti and do not appear in Fruits of the Bloom.

Blue Hearts Bloom Again Boutique Bow donation to Hearts for Haiti by FruitsOFtheBLooM

It would make my heart happy if you would click on the images in this post, look at our bows, heart them, and consider buying one to wrap up your favorite girl…all while helping out the Haitian’s!  Please spread the word to your friends who love handmade items!  I have faith in your generosity!

Wishing the Haitians Brighter Days,

Loren & Caitlin